The Inevitable

by Carlyle Laurent

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I know my souls on fire
but I can't feel the pain
How did it get this way
should I feel ashamed?

I try so hard to try
but every day's the same
nobody look this way
I'm starting to change

Into this monster
Who's every waking moment is a
fresh slice of hell

I'm feeling myself wonder
if this is what it
means to lose yourself

I'm being birthed from flames
I got no soul left to save
you'd best stay away
i'm infectious, so precious, i'm riddled with imperfections

I'm gonna take this place
do you see the hate in my face
better stay away
i'm contagious, outrageous, profoundly mistaken

I know my soul's on fire
but I'm starting to like it
starting not to give a shit
it's so close i can feel

My ultimate desire
taking over my mind
how did i get so high
off of all my spite

and now this monster
is falling into a
never ending abyss

did you ever wonder
how i strayed so damn
far from everything

I feel my humanity
fading away
and I want my paranoia
to stay
I feel my humanity
fading away
don't call me Crazy
I'm not crazy


released August 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Carlyle Laurent Luxembourg

I make music in my room

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