by Carlyle Laurent

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Fairly experimental album.


released August 24, 2014



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Carlyle Laurent Luxembourg

I make music in my room

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Track Name: Into The Chasm
Verse 1:
You feel the air whipped out of your lungs
The lights turn off around you
and then they explode to smother you

and I know
Your time
has come

you can see your (precious, lonely) fall away

you'd give up you everthing
but that would never be enough
to break the gap and make it snap shut

and now I know
you're scared
to death

You can save yourself if you just let go

(into the chasm)

The time has come to sell your soul
the reckoning is here

Watch your earth crumble
as it slowly falls apart

Let the chaos engulf me
let me go I'm finally free
in the darkness I can't see
anything at all

Step away, your world's on fire
let the fissure take you higher
I gave you all I am so
leave me let me fall

(into the chasm)

Verse 2:
i feel the ashes surround me
here at the edge of reality
is this heaven
it might be hell

so give in
give up
let go

theres nothing anyone can do now

The pressures rising
I think i'm on my way out
I never thought it'd be so dark
I never thought I'd be so young

But I know
my time
has come

and its all I can do not to shout

(into the chasm)


Verse 3:
I never trusted ][ their faith
I never needed ][ their hate
I never wanted ][ their trust
Can't they ][ give it up

Track Name: On A Pyre (Album Version)
Verse 1:
Spit the lines out at me and I'll spit them back
I learned to read between them but they're getting cracked
A turn like this was never what I asked

Your mouth will make shapes
and sounds I won't even hear anymore
its become such a bore
and the chore of catering to our mess
is as worse as it gets

Chorus 1:
So set it out on a fire
let the desire burn bright on a pyre
Say it never ends cus you know we're both liars
let the flames lick a little higher and higher
bright on a pyre

Verse 2:
We're a rattled cage
fired up and at it up and at em make it happen
but you know we never will
searching for a thrill
has always left us empty handed

Never wanna try
would rather let it fade away
never needs to be addressed
no it never needs to change

yeah i'd rather play the game
on easy
believe me or leave me
its all the same

Chorus 2:
So set it out on a fire
let the desire burn bright on a pyre
say it never ends cus you know we're both liars
and we're never going to change

yeah set it out on a fire
let the desire burn bright on a pyre
say it never ends cus you know we're both liars
and we'll always stay the same
like a fire, bright on a pyre

and one day in the minds of
two little liars our lie will decay and
burn out, just like the flames of a fire
ashes like the pyre we set ablaze
Track Name: Famous
Verse 1:
I wanna go to sleep but I’m getting high
On the internet
My computer screen is so bright
Burning images into the back of my eyes

I’m writing this while I’m trying to stay awake
For an hour, so I can think of the tunes I’ll make
I’m writing this while I’m trying to stay awake
Like always

I’m waiting for the taste of limousines
But the apple of your eye makes enemies
My Parents/Internet/My Friends all promised it to me.

I’ll write about it in blogs
I’ll talk about it in vlogs
If I don’t get subscribers I’ll think I’ll just turn it off
But I’ll be famous

Verse 2:
I’m optimistic Name your price
I’m pessimistic Name your price
I’ve got a great KD
Win one game then never play

I’m burning forwards, but burning out
I’m living backwards, and I can’t turn round
I’m learning to learn to hate
And that’s ok


Verse 3:
I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be
I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be, Healthy
But I wanna be famous
Track Name: Burn
Make it a waste
I won't play, don't ever wanna play that game

verse 1:
I'm a part of the picture
but I feel like I'm only a morsel of colour
in a masterpiece
that probably wouldn't change that much without me

i'm not a liar
but I might be a hypocrite
I'm getting pretty tired of
making all these pyres for

lost interest, lost passion
lost idols, forget anthems
forget anything that strips it down
wears colour like a shame so you can bleach it

Cus I might be a pixel
but I'm gonna be the brightest goddamn morsel
of colour that you can see

Chorus 1:
Make it a waste
I won't play, don't ever wanna play that game
where all you care is about is numbers
and anything else you burn down in hate

yeah do it away
cus I don't wanna do this your way
in black and white
in cold blood and spite

So when I'm making my fire
I'm gonna kindle it so much brighter
and you're gonna watch it burn

So when I'm making my fire
I'm gonna kindle it so much brighter
and you're gonna watch it burn
yeah now it burns

Verse 2:
not done, give it more
rebel, start a war
won't be long, till you're gone
when you're gone, you'll have

nothing at all
(nothing at all)

pretend, its ok
they ask, hows your day
you say, its ok
you tell them

nothing at all
(nothing at all)


Verse 3:
and your bullshit can't last

It's bleak, It's dull
It's wrong, It's gross
and it won't last

It's sick and degrading
won't be long till they hate it
yeah it won't last

It's money wasted
and It's time to change it
cus it'll never last
Track Name: Break
Verse 1:
Wake up eat breakfast brush your teeth
try to shake off that need for sleep
watch the clock (tick, tick, tick)
the day goes on so endlessly

get home sit down go watch TV
eat dinner lie between your sheets
embrace that lurking need for sleep
but its not coming back

The world goes on around you
it never stops

take a look around you
this is the life you want
here you are always

And I've been moving on
but Its been killing me
to watch you fade away
you're dying, can't you see
You're not breaking out
You're just breaking down
I might just break

Verse 2:
worth the free time
worth the holidays
worth the sick leave
worth the pay
worth each hour
worth each day

Your ambitions are just remnants now
You can't dream anymore, You won't try anymore

(why don't you) Give it up, let it go
settle down take it slow
but you can't cus you don't know

to move any slower than you are
Yes I know it must be so hard
not to lose your head and keep your calm


Verse 3:
Cus If you look around you can see
it never seems
to get any better for me
for you

Cus everybody
has the potential to be somebody
but doesn't that just mean that everybody
means absolutely nothing to everybody else
Cus if everyone's special
nobody's really that-
Track Name: Fire
Verse 1:
Can't tell if you thought I was right or wrong
it feels like that everytime
I realise you werent always there
but there was a time when I felt like I had air

Now I can't, i'm blacking out, i'm screaming
loud, I'm fighting back, i'm losing track
we were, friends once
but no more

Prechorus 1:
and I can't even see you
but I know your there

and Its like I can't see infront of me
but at any point you might try to ignite me

And now I’m
Dying for the right words (dying for the right words)
Hoping that one will strike gold (old)
But I can’t see how you’ll react
It’s like I’m on fire in a blindfold (old)
Verse 2:
weird how we changed, i can't keep track
used to have jokes now its almost like we can't laugh
don't wanna be that way, but when we meet up
I don't know what you might say

you've become so unpredictable to me

Its like you're out of time, theres this absent look in your eye
and when you're barely concious all you wanna do is fight
I wanna do this right, but every night, i'm feeling like
you're invisible to me

Prechorus 2:
yeah, I can't see you
but I know you're there

and I feel like you're lying to me
always fighting with me
feels like you might try to set fire to me

Track Name: Stoicism
Verse 1:
I was terrible
at socialising
at colouring
at reading for the group

So I sat in
in the service
just to listen
it was all
that I knew
all that I'd been told

Once a week to see
with my family
then in middle school
it was twice a week
during lessons

My brother
was studying
the ancient greek
and he told me
about the fourteen

I never had all the information
I didn't understand why I was one of
three in RE
I'd never heard of other opinion
I d never heard of the possibility
it wasn't real

Verse 2:
I said how could they
without any proof to see
He said
what do you
think we're doing here

And that hurt to me
That was the first time
anyone had ever pointed that out to me
and I had to realize
he wasn't wrong


Verse 3:
I was confirmed
and now I
can eat
Bread and drink wine
at communion


and now I
kinda feel like I lost
some of my life for this
Track Name: 4, 400
Chorus 1:
Break apart, feed the wolves
give them everything you own
you don't need material
things anymore
Fall away, fall apart
shut the world out of your heart
leave the wolves to tend their

Verse 1:
Pull the hands out of your hair
Maybe you’ll take a lil off the top
Or maybe you’ll just shave it off

Maybe wolves won’t recognize their prey
When it’s hairless and maimed

I know you wonder if they could eat what they dish out
But there’s no real way you could find out

And maybe you brought it on yourself
Cus you weren’t the same

Pre-chorus 1:
I’m glad I’m going *4

Verse 3:
mix the pills a little faster
no need to stay awake
load the gun a little faster
no need to stay afraid
If I cut a little deeper
then the pain will fade

...I don’t want to change
Track Name: Footprints
Verse 1:
Look me in the eyes and tell me where we're going
Look me in the face and be honest with me
Look me in the eyes and tell me the truth

or can't you
Can't you help me understand

Look me in the eyes and tell me why were running
Look me in the face and talk to me
Look me in the eyes and tell me the truth

Verse 2:
Look me in the eyes and tell me where were hiding
look me in the face and tell me why
why you seem so afraid

Look me in the eyes and tell me why were packing
Look me in the face and tell me why we can't stay
Look me in the eyes and tell me the truth

Why do you look like you're miles away?
Why do you seem like you're unsatisfied?
Why don't you talk about yesterday?
Why don't you why don't you why don't you

Look, into, my eyes
long enough before you
turn, away, to hide
so I don't have to
watch, you start, to cry
Why won't you tell me why

post chorus:
Turn your back on the world
cus who knows when we'll be leaving

Verse 3:
The sound of sirens then you push me through the back door
Dad's already got the car out the porch
You grab me and the sister, she's only four
but it's the fifth time this year

It's got to stop
I wish I knew what they want
and I wish you'd give it to them

But it won't stop
And you won't tell me what your hiding
If it kills you
Track Name: Cannonballs
Verse 1:
I'm sure we'll miss
throwing stones at glass houses

You used to think we'd take risks

Well we were wrong
Your luck can only hold out for so long
and at the end of the day
it was always gonna be over

wave white flags when you can't hold back
make a truce inside your no longer padded home
maybe hold onto a stone for sentiment when you're
all alone

I'll come back when you're done throwing stones
like cannonballs
I'll come back when you're done
picking your bone

shots fired have broken hearts
no time might heal so

I'm moving on
I'm moving on

I'm moving on